LifeMAPP Scholarship Assistance

We believe in creating awareness and Opportunities. This is why we have a free Explorers program and group where self-learning resources are available. Join if you haven’t already. As our member, you get the Opportunity to Connect and surround yourself with some of our lessons, content, resources which include like-minded peers who want to grow and work towards their ideal lives too.

Since 10% of our profits go to Significance, we use 60% for our scholarship program(online membership packages) and 40% go to our sponsorship programs (supporting field projects) we prioritize our members first.

If you feel you are thirsty for growth and want to move towards your Ideal Life faster, yet can’t afford our paid memberships (either part or whole of it), then you might be eligible. Our scholarship program might be able to uplift, boost and help jump start this process for you.

By applying, you will be automatically enrolled for our e-news program every week which will be a great source of Support and continued motivation for you as you wait for your scholarship to be approved. If you aren’t a LifeMAPP member already, be sure to join our free Explorer program. See you in one of our pages and programs!



Sign up here for free or paid (Membership Options) Get started with great articles (may include personal challenges at the end of articles). Enjoy free peer led or paid group mentoring by trained LifeMAPP professionals. To enjoy our Business Offerings, sign up here (Business Membership) Money-back guarantee for all paid memberships. Don’t put off your Ideal Life any longer!

Here are some great mentoring tips to get you started reflecting and working on your growth.

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As you wait for a response, we will also be watching out for members who show that they are really interested in growth, by their activity on the site. Even if you haven’t received confirmation for your scholarship being approved, maximize on the resources around you as an Explorer and work your way up. Start working your way up by understanding what success really means and how to create a sharper path towards it. We will be getting in touch with you shortly after your apply.