Our Partners

We believe in investing in strengths, providing opportunities, and working as a team to reach as many people around the globe as possible.

Often, we come across trainers who are already established in conducting workshops and trainings, plus they have an existing audience. They just struggle a bit to create fresh content that enables their customers to experience sustainable results with the challenges they face.

Our Partners help expand our reach and connect with a broader audience creating wins for everyone involved – most importantly those attending the workshops longing to find a sustainable solution for life’s problems.

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Partnerships with LifeMAPP

Each and every individual has a deep desire to be better in life. How to translate this desire still remains a huge challenge for so many people.

LifeMAPP’s mission is to address this by continuously working closely with individuals who wish to transform themselves and the communities they live in. We are leading people from Survival to Significance by Engaging, Educating and Empowering them. What we do works and the results are tangible.

We have worked with partners in areas, like Kenya — with great success.

Through our training, we have helped individuals start businesses, improve their relationships, strengthen their support, identify their strengths and weaknesses, better understand others, and lead more Balanced lives. We also teach them that in life, the most successful people relied more on serving others and less on luck.

What challenges do you and your community face? Ethnic clashes, corruption, historical injustices, racism, limited resources? The possibilities are endless. Those around you might also be struggling with their personal lives, businesses, marriages, parenting, all resulting in STRESS and frustration of unmet needs.

LifeMAPP fills these gaps by teaching people to move from Survival (self) to Significance (others).  We show them how to identify unmet needs and how to work to bring more Balance in their lives. After realizing and learning how to meet their own needs by focusing on other people’s needs, things become more clear.  It becomes easier to see why we get into less-than-ideal situations as a community.

Striving for Significance is what LifeMAPP brings to those searching for solutions. Leading people from Survival to Significance by engaging, educating and empowering them.

Sometimes I wish to stop people on the streets so that I can teach them about LifeMAPP. It is that amazing! ~ Zeytun S, Kenya.

How You Benefit As a Partner:

  • Mentoring Support in helping you resolve your personal struggles,
  • Helping you strengthen your Resources,
  • LifeMAPP marketing, branding and complimentary offerings,
  • Partners listing on our website providing:
    • exposure to our growing community/online members
    • search engine exposure/credibility for LifeMAPP AND Non-LifeMAPP training
  • LifeMAPP resources as we advance technologies with training

Requirements to Join as a Partner:

  • Established network/audience who are ready to pay for workshops
  • Experience in coordinating workshops and training
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passion for teaching and empowering others
  • Openness to learning and incorporating LifeMAPP™ Models (in your personal life and workshops)

Apply Here to Become a Partner