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At LifeMAPP, we believe in investing in strengths, awareness, opportunities and teamwork and these are just a few of the reasons why we think creating new partnerships is a great way to make an impact and reach a broader audience.

Rather than hiring a sales team, we find it much more valuable to invest and join hands with people who are already established in a community, conducting training with a network of existing clientele. We find that many partners are actually doing great in this area, but are struggling with resources and constant generation of fresh content with sustainable results. That is where we come in, filling the gaps, by providing better content with results plus help with resources. In the right situations, LifeMAPP will help support operations and team expenses, and provide much more stability to the process of Engaging, Educating and Empowering people.

Each and every individual has a deep desire to be better in life. How to translate this desire still remains a huge challenge for so many people. LifeMAPP’s mission is to address this by continuously working closely with individuals who wish to transform themselves and the communities they live in. We are leading people from Survival to Significance by Engaging, Educating and Empowering them. What we do works and the results are tangible.

We have already put partnerships to work in areas, like Kenya – with great success.

Thru our training, we have helped individuals start businesses, improve their relationships, strengthen their support, identify their strengths and weaknesses, better understand others, and lead more Balanced lives. We also teach them that in life, the most successful people relied more on serving others and less on luck.

What challenges do you and your community face? Ethnic clashes, corruption, historical injustices, racism, limited resources? The possibilities are endless. Those around you might also be struggling with their personal lives, businesses, marriages, parenting, all resulting in STRESS and frustration of unmet needs.

This is where LifeMAPP comes in and fills the gap. By teaching people to move from Survival (self) to Significance (others), we teach them how to identify unmet needs and how to work to bring more Balance in their lives. After realizing and learning how to meet their own needs by focusing on other people’s needs, they can see why we get into the problems and less-than-ideal situations as a community.

How about striving for a safer, stronger, wealthier, healthier and more Balanced person and community? This is what Significance is and this is what LifeMAPP brings. Leading people from Survival to Significance by engaging, educating and empowering them.

Sometimes I wish to stop people on the streets, so that I can teach them about LifeMAPP. It is that amazing! ~Zeytun S, Kenya.

Partner Benefits:

  • Support in building your Ideal Life,
  • Strengthened Resources,
  • LifeMAPP marketing, branding and complimentary offerings,
  • Partners listing on our website providing:
    • exposure to our growing field community/online members
    • search engine exposure/credibility for LifeMAPP AND Non-LifeMAPP training
  • LifeMAPP resources as we advance technologies with training
  • Online Support/courses from our full global team

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Both you and all participants will get the Support you need to enjoy the learning process.

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When you are in between training we will engage with you online in our exclusive Partner Group where you can share your views. You can also learn more about our team and organization so that you have a better idea of who we are and what we are about, most importantly learning our “why”.