What Drives Me To Strengthen Marriages?

Marriage is never easy but don’t believe people who say it must be hard. Marriage is simple psychology and sociology — it’s the coming together of two people seeking to achieve more than they could alone. Noise and distractions, now THAT is complicated. So, if half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, what’s going on? What is the noise?

Marriage is never easy but don’t believe people who say it must be hard. Here's what makes it hard. Click To Tweet

Well, first of all, there are no shortages of self-help books, therapists and pharmaceutical companies standing by, and taking advantage of the carnage of broken marriages. Divorce is a $50 Billion industry (in the U.S. alone). Those sycophants inundate people with messages that life is complicated and that it’s common to have “irreconcilable differences.” If you’re struggling, the bottom line is, it’s profitable and it’s easy for you to get lost in the noise. They want you to fail.

Destined To Fail?

How does a kid growing up in poverty with drug, emotional, and physical abuse at every corner rise above it all? My parents divorced when I was seven years old — it was the second marriage for both. As I bounced between them growing up, I found myself alone and lost in depression, unsure of any value I could add to this world.

I had a vision of love, of marriage, and of children, but frankly no clear path to get there. There were no male role models or mentors to help me to put life and my families experiences into perspective. And without perspective, pain, and new experiences, change is not happening. It took me twenty-five years, but I rejected my “destiny.”

Julie and I, now married 22 years with 5 children, have an amazing life. And my value to the world is clear.

Changing Legacies

Aside from studying psychology and sociology in college, I made it my life’s passion to learn from both mine and others’ mistakes …and I made plenty in my early relationships. I would love to tell you that I learned quickly but I did not. It took me 7 years of failed relationships into my early 20s to start putting the pieces together.

In the end, I developed NEW psychological, brain chemistry, and biological models to formulate a new understanding of people, their motivations, their needs and how we come together to make it all work…or not.

So How Did I Create A Business Around This?

Well, it wasn’t easy. People said I was crazy and it took 14 years to turn it all into an ‘overnight success.’ Through it all, I learned to listen to people who already had the fruits I wanted and leave the rest behind.

As I built models around what I learned and started living those models, people started paying attention. People started asking ME for help. The rest is history as they say.

Fast forward through high risks, trials, and personal health struggles and, well, we’ve helped thousands in countries all over the world — many who would have not found help elsewhere.

I captured this photo on an amazing RV family trip across the U.S. – one of my favorites.

Still today, when I see our emails reaching Kenya, Japan, Nepal, Australia, and more, and all over the United States, it both surprises me and fills me with great joy.

There are plenty of great people out there who are struggling in their marriages, with their children, and in careers and life in general. Helping them is one of the greatest joys and rewards for what I had to endure as a child and the mistakes I outlasted as a young adult.

So that’s it  — no “calls to action” here. I’m not selling you anything. I just wanted to share my story. If you know of somebody who would be energized by it, please share.

We are building a new community across the globe of like-minded people, so if this suits you, hang around, we’re going to share MORE!

Have a great evening, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moments. If you need anything, check out our site and get started with a mentor. We’re here for you.

My best regards to you!

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