FREE Journals for Challenger Members!

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We are excited to announce that we are having a promotional giveaway for new Challenger members this September, 2016 (while supplies last).

The normal price is $19.99 so this is a great gift to welcome our new Challenger members. The journal is a small journal with simulated leather that looks and feels luxurious with an embossed LifeMAPP logo.

With 250 lined pages, you have plenty of room to document your new Challenger journey, what you’re learning in life and of course, notes or whatever you need as just a daily journal.

What Do I Do To Get My Free Journal?

If you are a Challenger member already, nothing! You will receive it within 2 weeks of signing up. If you have not received yours by then, no worries, let us know on the Contact Us page.

If you haven’t joined our Certified Mentoring membership yet, check out the benefits and get started today!

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