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One thing that was important to establish with new-hires at LifeMAPP was the importance that Julie and I place on family. We built LifeMAPP over the past 13 years without losing focus on our beautiful family and five children. It’s easy for any entrepreneur to get lost in the shuffle of building a business and I’m not immune. No matter where we’ve traveled in the world, LifeMAPP is there with me on a laptop or mobile phone at a minimum.

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Moderns tools and apps allow me to be connected to my team at any time from anywhere. And that is where I leave it. Just because I can be connected doesn’t mean I should be. the key is balancing everyone’s needs. My family knows that sometime’s we get to travel without asking permission. We also get to take off and go to the movies on a Tuesday and take advantage of quiet, clean theaters without waiting in lines.

And to do that, to live virtually untethered we have to accept the reality of being virtually tethered. That is, sometimes during a trip, I stop what we’re doing and address a team need or just make sure that the vision I laid out is clear and being executed. And I’ve asked my team to enjoy the same freedoms at the same cost. I want them to be able to get away in the middle of a day for a family event or need if it arises. And knowing that they will be connected means we can let them go without panic if something wasn’t on target or communicated properly.

Because we teach and focus so much on communication and being available to each other, we rarely have to BE available to each other. That is the beauty of working in the 21st century. We can be connected without having to connect.

And it works because we never abuse it. We all have that fear that being connected more will lead to… being connected MORE. But the result for us is the opposite. Because we never detach during working hours, we can get away more and relax and juggle personal and family needs. That Tuesday at the movies, I pay for on a Saturday maybe or maybe not. And I love that. Our team loves that. We aren’t driven by tasks. We’re driven by needs. Not just team or business needs, but family needs.

And today is one of our executive team’s 10th anniversary. Birthdays for our LifeMAPP team are a paid holiday, we want our team to get away and feel valued on their birthdays. Since our start, we have encouraged our team to take vacation days for family birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate their family. We are a global team so we don’t have set holidays. Our team takes the holiday as needed to celebrate their family customs and traditions. With great communication in place, nobody has to ask, just inform.

At LifeMAPP, we work hard and we play hard. We don’t work for the sake of working. We work to improve our member’s lives, our communities lives, and our own personal and family’s lives. We teach our members to put their key support people first to achieve balance. And we practice what we preach.

lifemapp-family-deyNobarun just celebrated 2 years of full-time with LifeMAPP after 6 months of part-time apprentice work. He and his beautiful family are valued members of our team. Happy anniversary Nobarun and Tusty!

Dave Darby
LifeMAPP Founder

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