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This assessment will reveal to you both your weak and strong areas for your business. With the help of your business Mentors, Identify the noise (distractions) that keep you away from your business priorities. Use this Needs Assessment to take your business to new heights.

understanding the wheel

These sections represent the 8 basic business needs. Seeing the center of the chart as “lacking” and the outer edge as “ideal”, your level of satisfaction with each area is ranked by the assessment of your answers – where you feel your business is at.

The perimeter of your circle represents the Sustainability of your business.  How bumpy would the ride be if this chart was a wheel or tire?

Focus your resources on improving the flat or low areas of the circle so that your ride in the business world becomes less of an uphill battle.

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Balance Of Life

Measure your Balance in the four core areas of life to understand where you need to focus and improve. After all, a jagged, square wheel doesn’t make for a smooth ride.

Personality As Needs

Want to understand your personality and what it says about your needs? Find out why you do what you do with the LifeMAPP PAN Assessment.

Identity Gap

Your Identity and the Gaps that can be created in it are major impacters in your life and determine how you react to the world around you.


Where does your motivation stem from? Do you find your drive in life comes from the rewards of others or an inner fire?


Learn how your level in the Creative and Rainmaker qualities can effect your career, successes, and goals in life.

Sustainability Of Business

Use this assessment to help realize and patch the weaknesses in your business and further improve its strengths and effectiveness.

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