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Creative Superachievers (+) earn 6 times more income on average than below average, non-creatives. Rainmaker Superachievers (+) earn 30 times more income on average than below average, non-rainmakers.  Use your results with the help of Mentors to build your Creative and Rainmaker skills so that you make the most out of the Opportunities around you.

How Creative Are You? X
Creative 0 - 317
Your Score 90
your creative score

Creatives are people who have strong visionary skills to design, create and problem-solve. A score less than 50% on the chart indicates your skills for designing, creating and problem-solving are average at this moment in time and depends greatly on your age. If you are younger, your creativeness and problem-solving is still growing.

To work on your score under 317, take an interest in helping those around you problem-solve, make efforts to create systems around you that help you work smarter, engage in activities that will push efforts for thinking outside the box, and even utilize apps that can enable you to strengthen this skill. And most of all, learn to curb distractions. Most creative people have the ability to get lost in their work, blocking out noise around them.

Connect with our mentors to help you further sharpen your intuitive skills.

How rainmaker Are You? X
Rainmaker 0 - 113
Your Score 110
your rainmaker score

Rainmakers are people who are driven to succeed and are capable of moving those around them to success. A score less than 50% on your chart indicates that your ability to drive yourself and others to completion of tasks, is average.

To work on this, start by identifying the noise around you that causes you distractions and keeps you from achieving your goals. Also invest in others - focus on their needs so that you can engage, energize and inspire them to help you drive tasks to completion.

Use their strengths to achieve as a team, while you strengthen your personal skills. Connect with our mentors to learn how to make it rain.

Reflect on your results: Performance

  • On a scale of average to high, what do your scores indicate?
  • Think about your key roles both at home and at work. Do they allow you to shine with your strengths? Or are you mostly engaged in tasks that play on your weaknesses? Pay attention, because it affects your energy, motivation, performance, ability to get a promotion/raise, and so much more.
  • Which of the two charts shows the most strength? How can you use it to open up more Opportunities around you?
  • List three steps you can take, to maximize your top performance strengths.

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