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LifeMAPP’s Identity Gap Assessment measures the strengths and weaknesses in three key areas of life — Identity, Resources, and Support. Like most of our resources, this assessment is unique to LifeMAPP. Your Strengths in each area of life are represented by capital letters (I, R, S standing for strong Identity, Resources, and Support).

Areas where there is weakness and room for growth appear in lower case letters (i,r,s indicating a weakness in Identity, Resources, and Support).  Once you strengthen the weaknesses, you will be on your way to leading a happier and more Balanced life.  It will also enable you to impact those within your Support systems to do the same.

Are You Happy? I
How Is Your Energy? R
Do You Have Help? S

The Resourceful

People assessed as iRS have their Resources and Support systems defined and flowing, and are focused on figuring out their Identity…

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