Personalities as Needs (PAN)

Personalities are fun to explore and learn about. They develop depending on the needs around us which are in turn, influenced by our surrounding.

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Personalities act as a window to learning our needs and do not change much unless we drastically change our environment. Some people believe that personalities are genetic, despite evidence that has shown personalities to be fluid adaptations to our environment.

In other words, personalities reflect our needs. If we change our environment, our reactions and needs (personalities), will follow.

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Personalities are fun to explore and learn. They reflect and reveal our needs, which also speak volumes about our environment/surrounding.


Four Main Personality Categories:

Each one is divided into two opposite or extremes on a scale:

  • Introvert (I) vs. Extrovert (E) – Where does a person get and direct their energy?
  • Sensing (S) vs. Intuitive (N) – Do they focus on facts or possibilities?
  • Thinker (T) vs. Feeler (F) – Do they make decisions based on logic or personal values?
  • Judge (J) vs. Perceiver (P) – Are they more planful or spontaneous?

Out of these combinations, sixteen different types come up. They are all equally significant, each with its own strength, weaknesses, energy levels, view of the world, drives, values, and motivation.

As much as there is usually a preference on either of those sides on a scale, people usually tap into both sides of the dimensions from time to time, depending on the circumstances they are in. Therefore, a preference is usually present, but it in no way means that one is exclusively that trait.

These dimensions provide a general preference and possible trends in each type, everyone in one same type will still not be identical as other factors come into play as well. People with the same core personalities may greatly differ depending on their Balance and needs and those, in turn, are influenced by factors such as parental styles or influence, experiences in life, values, culture, goals and so forth.

There Are Two Major Axes on the Matrix:

Axis 1: how we view the world around us:

  • Concrete (view life and issues as it is in reality)
  • Abstract (view life and issues as a world of opportunities)

Axis 2: how we interact or make decisions with the world around us

  • Team (following, think of others first)
  • Instincts (leading, think of desired outcomes, self first)

There is also the category of personalities that project (task) centered and those that are people centered which mainly comes into play according to the preference of how one tends to work best i.e. do well by concentrating on a task or do well by working with people and interacting in the process.

Which is your personality type and what does it reveal about your needs? Discover your personality, if you haven’t already.

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