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Personalities as Needs (PAN)

Personalities reflect our needs. If we change our environment, our reactions and needs (personalities), will follow.

Balance of Life (BOL)

Master the art of recognizing, prioritizing and meeting needs and watch your life take a positive turn.

Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON)

Are you feeling entangled in a cobweb of needs? Learn the AHON to simplify your needs - and life.

Evaluate & Strengthen Your Relationships

Having great Support for your Identity will lead to a full bucket, overflowing enough to give that same Support to others.


Sustain your sales & profits

Sustainability of Business (SOB)

48% of businesses fail within 2 years. Take inventory of your business with the Sustainability of Business (SOB) assessment.

Annual Forecast

Entrepreneurs are required to have some basic understanding of numbers & trends. Use this template to assess, test and manage assumptions in your business.