Why Choose LifeMAPP Marriage Mentoring?


We’ve helped thousands over TWENTY YEARS to rebuild their lives around strong, ethical, and rewarding life principles. Your marriage has what we call “Identity Gaps." We will teach you what they are and how to overcome them with your spouse.


Don’t seek marriage help from counselors who’ve either been divorced or offer divorce counseling–or both. Our mentors have all built strong marriages around LifeMAPP tools and an awareness of needs and motivation. It works.


If you knew what was wrong in your marriage, you’d have it fixed by now. LifeMAPP™ Assessments, including Balance of Life (BOL), Personality as Needs (PAN), and more will help you uncover Identity Gaps in you and your spouse and start building bridges.

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Most people who struggle to get help do so because they can’t even agree with their spouse on how, where, or when to get help. LifeMAPP isn’t about helping two people at once, it’s about one spouse learning and then leading. Over 80% of our success stories started with just one spouse.


Seriously, when it comes down to your decision to get help the bottom line is simple. Follow the fruits. When you see somebody doing it right, check it out. That’s what separates doers from the dreamers. We doers all fall once in a while, but we never stay down and never ignore what works—and we don’t continue doing what doesn’t.

From Your Couch, With Your Phone

  • Learn from the best, on your schedule, at your convenience
  • Use a tool that you already have handy most of the day
  • Chat with a mentor, Read articles, Take Assessments
  • APPLY the lessons to your life and enjoy the CHANGES!

Marriage Mentoring Vs. Other Choices

LifeMAPP Mentoring—lowest cost, highest results. Genius.

*Applicable to monthly memberships only—see our refund policy.

Juggling four kids, starting a new career and being trapped in an unhappy marriage was painfully rough. My days were spent worrying whether my husband was cheating or not—if he would leave us all— and my nights were spent taking care of a colicky baby and sharing an unhappy bed…that’s until a friend told me about Dave & LifeMAPP. I was skeptical, but I tried it anyway. I can safely and confidently say, if it were not for Dave, my marriage would’ve probably failed or been very miserable. I didn’t know that it was possible to communicate and have a ‘fairytale’ like love when I was sure everything was over. Thanks, guys, you are the best!

~ Munaa, 2017 LifeMAPP Member

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”
~John C. Maxwell, global leadership guru, author, and speaker

Our Group Mentoring semi-private model is designed to get results while saving you money—learn from others' experiences and growth as well as your own. We also have fully private groups for you alone, or you and your spouse alone. Just click the join buttons below to see the options and pricing. Fully private groups are still more affordable and more successful than traditional counseling.

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The lessons I began learning through LifeMAPP were nothing I had ever heard of or read before yet were so simple and practical. I began to understand his needs as well as mine, and WHY he didn’t “love” me the way I needed him to. This was the first step in finding the root cause of our problems and what needed to change.

~ Sherrie, 2017 LifeMAPP Member

Letter From Our Founder

Dave Darby
Founder & Master Mentor

Over 25 years now, I’ve seen and heard a lot of pain. I’ve had wives contact me for help when their husband was living in a hotel—heading towards divorce. Husbands have contacted me because their lives were falling apart, suspecting their wife of cheating and her threatening to leave with the kids.

Once, a woman contacted me, her husband was sleeping on the couch, she was getting emails from daycare about her children’s problematic behavior and soon after, her husband took off on the family-paid and planned a vacation—with another woman. It doesn’t phase me. I grew up with an alcoholic father who abused and broke everyone around him. And while my collegiate psychological and sociological studies gave me perspective, they just never touched what I learned from my own parents—what NOT to do. My parents between them accounted for 7 marriages and 5 divorces.

Over the years, I built new psychological models that explain human needs and motivation. If you allow us, we’ll help you, just like the people in the stories above—their marriages all survived it. I know what you’re going through. I’ve seen it and my team and I have led thousands to happiness and strong, healthy marriages.

My wife, Julie, and I have been married 22 years now. Our marriage is not perfect, but we have a great marriage, we travel the world, and we continue to work on our growth.

Do you want to find that in your marriage?