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“Since I contacted you all it’s like a miracle. We have not had a fight at all and it’s been a true pleasure to be around my wife. We’ve even been intimate again.”
~ Will, 2017 LifeMAPP member

LifeMAPP has been building stronger marriages and families globally since 2003!

In 30 days you will learn to:

• Stop most arguments before they begin.

• Reduce outbursts and broken trust issues.

• Laugh and embrace romance once again!

• Appreciate and enjoy the holidays this year.

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What’s Your Marriage Worth?
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Private access to a closed Facebook group AND on our site. Connect with a mentor anytime you feel overwhelmed and get the private support you need, right from your couch.


New lessons every few days, and unlimited mentor support whenever you need it. You will gain quick clarity about the struggles in your marriage and finally be able to implement the changes needed.


5 LifeMAPP personality & needs assessments ($149 value) are included for FREE in your membership and will give you the insight you never knew about yourself and your marriage.


Learn from years of experiences that make lessons easy to understand and easier to apply in your relationship — written by our own team of Mentors, exclusive for members only.

LifeMAPP™ Needs Assessments $149 Value FREE with Challenge!

• Learn your Personality and Needs (PAN) which helps explain and COMMUNICATE your experiences and NEEDS

• Understand more about your personal Identity and any Identity Gaps you have – all our PAINS come from those Gaps

• Are you a Creative or Rainmaker? Learn your personal strengths and weaknesses and how to UNLOCK your Marriage with this knowledge

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Feeling Like You Don’t Understand Your Spouse Anymore?

What If…

What if there WERE some simple guidelines to follow that guaranteed results? Not perfection, but things like trust. teamwork, more laughs, and less shouting, more communication and less withdrawal.

As a husband of over 20 years, researching couple dynamics for 25 years, and working with my wife to homeschool our children, we’ve seen and done so much. We’re not perfect, but we are excellent. We’ve made some notes and helped thousands of other couples and families learn from our mistakes and from our path. It’s been an amazing ride and we’re happy to be on this journey with you.

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Dave Darby
Founder & Master Mentor, LifeMAPP

Traditional marriage help is boring and full of defensive bulls**t and frustrations. The LifeMAPP™ 30-Day Marriage Challenge is fun, easy, and guaranteed to teach you things you’ve been missing.

If you don’t learn and see results in your marriage within 30 days, just ask for a full refund – no questions asked.

Time for No Regrets

You’ve probably tried anything and everything the “world” has advised you to do but nothing has changed. Are you tired? Have you had enough? We hear you! Life is challenging, but stress is optional. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, or your situation. These 30-days are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

We promise these lessons will change your life.

“Can I Sign Up Without My Spouse?”

Absolutely! Over 80% of the marriages we’ve helped in 25 years have been through just one person. The reason is simple, it takes both of you to make your marriage fail or succeed. But it only takes one person to learn and lead!

However, if your spouse decides to join, we will give them a discounted rate.

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LifeMAPP LLC BBB Business Review

“These wonderful people are truly angels from the sky. I recommend everyone to join the family. You will be loved and supported unconditionally.”

— Brian

“There’s no competition out there that could measure up to the length or miles LifeMAPP goes to help people. LifeMAPP is a blessing!”

— Stephanie

“Your service has been a huge help for me. I’m truly grateful. You guys are great and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again.”

— Mark

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