Getting Started ~ 30 & 60 Day Challenges

The majority of people live as if there are no patterns or solutions and no way to get out of the ruts they are in. Do you feel the same? That no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to find momentum or sustain your results? We understand, and you are not alone. If you’ve been feeling like you are stuck in a rut — not able to see what keeps you stuck, then things are about to change for you.

During LifeMAPP Challenges, we will quickly show you patterns that you’ve been missing. When surrounded by chaos and noise, it’s tough to see the problem or solutions clearly. Our Challenges will bring order to the chaos you may be surrounded by, and brings easy-to-understand solutions to getting out of the ruts you might be stuck in.

No matter which challenge you choose to join, we will help you to unlock the secrets behind human needs and motivation. You will learn how to forget about the things you cannot control and take charge of the things you can control. We promise you — you will be amazed at HOW much control you actually have in your life. No matter where the problems are — self, family, kids, spouse, co-worker or other, we will get you seeing results in just 30-days or less!

All LifeMAPP™ Challenges include a Private Facebook group where you can easily access your lessons and interact daily with others who are in the challenge with you.  All groups have the direct attention of our team of certified mentors, led by our Founder and Master Mentor, Dave Darby, who has risen up under divorce, poverty, abuse — read more about his journey here.

What You Will Gain

LifeMAPP™ 30-Day Challenges

Find the challenge that suit your needs. Guaranteed to teach you things you’ve been missing around you.

  • 4 Week Challenge
  • Join Us 3 Days a Week
  • Just 30 Minutes on Your Chosen Days
$79/month + $120 program fee
Recognize Fake Energy
Reduce Anxiety
Avoid Feeling Lost
Make Better Decisions
Recognize False Support
Find Yourself — Maybe for the First Time
Ideal for Individuals Looking to Stop the Chaos in Their Lives
$79/month + $120 program fee
Stop the Constant Arguing
Reduce the Angry Outbursts
Repair Broken Trust
Understand Unmet Needs
Find Your Way Back to One Another
Ideal for Couples Looking to Rebuild Their Relationship
$79/month + $120 program fee
Stop the Tug of War
Reduce the Tantrums
Stop the Addiction to Gadgets
Work as a Team
Get Your Kids More Involved and Aware of Family Needs
Ideal for Parents Looking to Stop the Chaos at Home

LifeMAPP™ 60-Day Challenge (Coming Soon)

Does your weight distract you from focusing on what really matters? Have you been bouncing from one weight loss program to another with little to no results? LifeMAPP’s 60-Day Weight Loss Challenge will give you the results you’ve been seeking!

BONUS: This Challenge will be connected to Fitbit API and Amazon Alexa

  • 8 Week Challenge
  • Get Active 60 Minutes a Day
  • Just 3 Days a Week
Weight loss
$178/2-months with $80 program fee
No More Confusion — Personalized Action Plan
No Unhealthy or Drastic Changes
Few & Easy to Follow Diet Suggestions
Unlimited Support from Mentors
Bonus: Get Rid of the Stress that Contributes to Your Weight Issues
Ideal for Members Looking for a Sustainable Routine to Lose or Maintain Their Weight
Coming soon!

Member Benefits

People who struggle KNOW they are in pain, but often, confused about HOW to get out of struggles they experience. Do you feel the same?

LifeMAPP™ Assessments will measure your needs and highlight WHICH adjustments you need to make in life, in order to find happiness. Our mentors will help you to interpret your results.

You will have unlimited access to articles, videos, and step-by-step lessons that help you to process why you make the choices that you do.

Once you have a higher awareness on what influences your decisions and actions, you will be able to work towards a set of goals and see results that move you closer to your Ideal Life each day.

Our members need a safe place where they can share their deepest concerns and pains without a worry. We have several options — choose the one that best fits your needs.

LifeMAPP Challenger members have exclusive access to private groups where they easily access support from mentors and members seeking the same goals. You’ll regain strength with support from the LifeMAPP community.

Our certified mentors have a keen awareness into the noise surrounding you. The issues that surround all of us are seldom unique. That is why LifeMAPP mentors have such a high success rate for getting you on a better path.

You can count on your LifeMAPP mentors to be there for you, even if you need live support. As a member, you are able to get live Support at an additional but discounted price.

Our members experience deep appreciation for the lessons and Support they receive. So much so, they want to continue their membership to sustain all the great results and support they are experiencing.

The more you grow, the more involvement and difference you want to make in your’s AND others’ lives. Ask us about the Opportunities that are now open for you!

Our methods are designed to be cooperative. We accurately gain more than you realize about your spouse & family based on your assessment results.  So don’t feel pressured if your spouse or family members are hesitant to join right away.

Your spouse will see a change and WILL begin to change as well.  Often they will want to join to do the assessments also — so we give a DISCOUNT for them to join you.