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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the support that a person gets from someone who has the awareness, skills, knowledge, and most of all the fruits of the goal that is being sought by the mentee. It is therefore different from the short term hype that one gets from motivational speakers and inspirational books or videos. Those get you excited to move without a clear path on where to start.

A mentor, however, is a person who has the know-how to get you out of your struggles and walks that path beside you until the desired goal is reached.  Are you ready to have the Support from someone who knows? Click here to pick the mentoring program that will add the most value to you.

What is the role of mentoring in history?

The roots of mentoring go back to ancient Greece.  ln years past, mentoring was sought from parents and adults within a community. Older people were looked at as wise, and the people who had enough experience to offer solutions.

People later broke from strong community setups to concentrate on smaller groups, while others realized that old age did not necessarily mean wisdom and ability to offer workable solutions.

As time went by, the need for support turned into a professional Opportunity for those who showed a passion and strength in supporting and impacting others.

Does mentoring actually work?

Mentoring works and the results are consistently adding value to people's lives. The secret to seeing the mentoring process actually work is searching for mentors who already have the fruits being sought. A person can only give you what they have, and if their own life is full of chaos, then that is what they will bring to you.

LifeMAPP mentoring uses models which have been proven to be simple, fast and effective. The mentors not only live with fruits but also have the first-hand experience in knowing how to reach for those fruits. There are core LifeMAPP membership programs that offer guaranteed results, click on the 'Mentoring Programs' tab to pick the group that meets your needs.

What can mentoring do for my life ?

Mentoring brings in the value that you want to add to your life. If you feel you are struggling, a mentor will help you identify and block the chaos that has been keeping you away from your Ideal Life.

Mentoring is also for people who feel they are 'almost there' in achieving their goals but sense a gap that pushes them backward.

Don't feel like you have problems to resolve? Mentoring can also just strengthen existing frameworks in place, fine-tuning the tools you already have to get to the next place in life. The 'Mentoring Programs' tab will highlight which mentoring program would work best for you.

What is the Explorer Membership

A paid membership level designed for people who want to interact with like-minded peers while receiving some Support from mentors. Explorers have access to limited mentoring groups, assessments, and mentor Support. View member benefits here.

What is the Challenger Membership

A paid membership level for people who are serious about making a change. It is for those who are ready to be challenged and supported to move towards their goals quickly. View member benefits here.

Challengers have access to LifeMAPP Mentors, full articles, and personalized challenges and videos that help them through this process. Jumpstart your growth and join today.

What is the Business Membership

A membership level for those that want to strengthen their startup or existing businesses. This allows one to have access to all other memberships and is the highest paid membership level. Enroll today and take advantage of the great price offerings.

What is the Mentor Membership

A membership level granted only to someone that has mastered the Explorer and Challenger levels, enjoys a Balanced lifestyle, and has a passion for helping others. Active members are invited by the LifeMAPP team to join this group or can work their way towards becoming a Mentor.

What is the Philanthropy Membership

A membership level where a person lives a life of Significance. They already live a Balanced lifestyle and are using their time, energy, and resources to give back to others. They live a life of legacy.

How do I fit in LifeMAPP's Mentoring Programs?

LifeMAPP has proven to have a successful program for helping people dramatically. How you fit and where you fit depends on your needs and how quickly you want to achieve results towards your goals. Whether you start learning at your own pace or choose to fly right away and get started, there is a membership program that will do just that!

You are welcome to start on our Explorer self-learning program, which is limited in access and content, but if it's quick results you want to see, our Challenger or Business programs are the place to be.

Who will be mentoring me?

LifeMAPP mentoring utilizes unique and effective teaching models. Results can be seen in short time frames if not immediately after implementing these lessons. All LifeMAPP Mentors are well trained in all assessment tools and models before they can mentor anyone.

They have all had first-hand experiences learning and executing our models. All mentoring is supervised by our Founder and Master Mentor, Dave Darby, who has over 20 years of experience successfully mentoring people to their desired goals. Check out our founder's page to learn more.

What can I expect from LifeMAPP Mentoring Programs?

LifeMAPP mentoring programs have unique frameworks set within them that will enable you to immediately add value in your life, depending on your highest priority needs. The programs are set in different membership levels as highlighted above, as well as in the various fun ways of learning like mentoring, articles, courses, videos, SlideShares, and so much more. Each membership is also set in packages that enable you to save your investments (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually).

How can I benefit from LifeMAPP courses?

LifeMAPP courses (launching soon) are a great way to learn in-depth, proven to work strategies towards your area of interest. Whether business or personal, our courses will take you on a fun interactive ride while you learn and work towards the execution of your goals. They have quizzes and assignments too which will enable you to grasp the content easily so that implementation follows smoothly in your life. Stay tuned for our upcoming courses.

Would I get a certificate after completing a course?

Yes. Upon completing all units and quizzes or assignments for a certain course, you will be awarded a LifeMAPP certificate of completion.

Why join mentoring groups if I can self-learn and move faster via courses?

Courses are great for learning and capturing lessons. They can also be generally focused as one specific situation may vary from another despite both courses falling under the same category. It is via mentoring, though, that you will receive strong Support and the presence of a mentor towards your specific goals.

Is it true that mentoring will cost me thousands of dollars per year?

Actually, many people think that and most times it does. Quality mentoring like we do at LifeMAPP IS an investment and you get what you pay for in life. However, the LifeMAPP mentoring model is breaking new ground. We are utilizing technology and small groups to scale our services while providing the same high quality that we do in individual sessions. This enables everyone to benefit from quality mentoring, but at a fraction of the cost.

What if I need mentoring, but can't afford to pay for it?

If you need mentoring but are struggling financially, get started as our Explorer Member where you will enjoy articles, slide shares, videos, and be part of a self-learning peer group. You can also apply for our scholarship program.

We review each submission on a case by case basis, first come, first serve. We are currently offering ten scholarships per month ($199/month value each) and we will not be able to meet everybody’s needs at once. So, don’t hesitate to submit and be patient as we want great people with great energy like you around!

Can I purchase a product or service without being a LifeMAPP member?

We would like you to be a LifeMAPP member, however, it is not required to make product purchases. Although you don't have to be a member in order to purchase, like any other normal online purchase, you will need to enter your basic information to ensure a smooth purchase experience. Check out our products and services.

Need to cancel your paid Membership?

We are here for YOU. We want you to find all the support and resources you need to get out of your struggles and find the ground to stand strong. Sometimes you're in the right place but it's just not the right time. We understand completely.

To cancel your paid membership, just click on MY ACCOUNT from the menu. (You can find the menu at the top of any page..) Then click on ORDERS to see your account orders.  Click on the blue VIEW button to cancel your order.

If you choose to cancel in the middle of your membership, your membership will continue its allotted time and will not re-bill. Your account will automatically lose membership access. However, your data will remain in the system for one year. This means you can return and pick up where you left off with your paid membership when you are ready to resume.

How can I become an ambassador?

If you live a Balanced lifestyle and are passionate about growth and giving back, we would love you to join us. Our Ambassador team starts off by giving back via participating in our programs, be it online or in the field. Ambassadors join on an invitation-only basis.

I am interested in joining as a partner, how do I do that?

Our partners are organizations who have training frameworks in place. Using their existing connections, we create a joint venture where we expand the marketing strategies and provide unique and effective content to incorporate. Using the strengths of both sides, we create a win-win with our partners who also enjoy increased returns. If you are interested and want to learn more, visit our partner program page.

How can I join as a Mentor?

To become a LifeMAPP mentor, you must have been with us for a while and know our systems, our models, show a passion for growth and for helping others. Learn more about our mentoring program.

If I am already a Mentor, do I still need to train as a LifeMAPP Mentor?

We appreciate the fact that you come in with the experience and passion of Supporting others. LifeMAPP uses its own simple, fast, effective, and proven to work models. For this reason, you will need to learn our models and implement them in your personal life before you can start mentoring others.

Is LifeMAPP hiring?

We love to offer Opportunities to those who have been contributing to our team and are already impacting others. Opportunities are available on an invitation basis.  Check out our available career Opportunities.

What is a model?

A model represents a system that explains why something is the way it is and also allows for the prediction of outcomes.

LifeMAPP models are proven to have helped many people in creating awareness about their lives, identifying where their misconceptions are and changing their outcomes in life by making different choices per the teachings of LifeMAPP models.

What are LifeMAPP's Models?

LifeMAPP uses unique models to help people in their journeys of self-exploration and growth. These help you not only grow as an individual but better understand and improve the relationships that you are in - be it family, friends, or even business.

Some of these models are updated to meet our needs better, from already existing theories (such as the work of Abraham Maslow and Carl Yung), and some are fresh concepts that are unique and have been developed by LifeMAPP’s founder Dave Darby, such as the Identity Gap and BrainMAPP.

Dave already simplified the complex areas and has translated all of the knowledge into easy to understand, follow-the-step formats that allow people to quickly and effectively transform their lives, regain Balance, and stay clear of Noise.

Our Models:

• Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON)

Identity Gap (IG)

• Balance of Life (BOL)

Personalities as Needs (PAN)


Sustainability of Business (SOB)

• Connect, Engage & Offer (CEO)

• Hierarchy of Validation (HOV)

• Progression of Ideal Life (PIL)

• BrainMAPP

Taken separately, they are just bits of data or threads, but taken together they begin to form a story - a woven tapestry of someone's life.

As these methodologies are internalized, understood, reflected on, and practiced, it becomes one of the best ways to connect to the people you’re engaging with – what is their Balance like, what is their Personality, and what kind of Identity Gaps do they have?

This then helps one to make the choice of taking steps to move into or out of relationships, to hire an employee or fire one, to close a business deal or make one, and so forth.

What is the Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON)?

The Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON) is at the core of LifeMAPP's methodologies and teachings. The model is an adaptation of Abraham Maslow's proposed theory of a five-tiered hierarchy of needs.

LifeMAPP’s Adapted Hierarchy of Needs consists of four major categories, with each divided into two sections for a total of eight subcategories:

Survival Physical Health  Emotional Health

Security  Resources & Safety Net  Skills & Systems

Support  Spouse & Partner  Family & Friends

Significance  Personal Growth  Philanthropy & Teaching

What does the BrainMAPP entail?

We often carry information and save it in our long-term memories without giving it much thought or questioning. We later work on autopilot, unaware of the factors that push us to think, feel, and act as we do. BrainMAPP is a model that will teach you how to operate in awareness by cleaning up all the unquestioned noise that may be in your limbic brain.

What is an Identity Gap?

An Identity Gap is the distance between how we see ourselves as being and how others see us, a major factor for how we react in and to our environment.

The Identity Gap (IG) model was developed by Dave Darby and is a major contributor in explaining the causes, effects, and ways to resolve conflicts and frustrations in a person and their relationships. It is used to assess the Gaps in one’s Support system and therefore within their Balance of Life.

What does Hierarchy of Validation (HOV) Mean?

Validation is a core human, psychological need. Some people are conditioned to chase everyone's validation while others condition themselves not to need anyone's validation. Most people struggle with being in one of these extremes, thus bringing a lot of friction in their lives. This model teaches us how to identify the virtual validators that we lean on (masks that we use in place of healthy and key validators), as well as highlighting and teaching us how to create and surround ourselves with a strong Support system in our lives.

What does the Progression of Ideal Life (PIL) mean?

The Progression of Ideal Life (PIL) is a model that brings together the Identity Gap (IG) profiles and measures them on the Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON) for you. Use this model to measure your gaps and learn what you need to do in order to enjoy both a Balanced life AND one of Significance.

What do we mean by RA•DAR?

Dave Darby developed an acronym for the process of managing our Identity Gaps and called it RA•DAR, as we need to have personal radars on to effectively manage and control any Identity Gaps we may have or develop.

R - Recognize

A - Adapt

D - Deny

A - Accept

R - Reject

Understanding the RADAR model creates room for strong relationships and happier lives. RADAR is great at creating insight into many issues that the world struggles with such as abuse, addiction, terrorism, mental disorders, suicide, and much more as the model explains the many ways anyone can react when stuck in bad environments or with poor Support.

What do we mean by Personalities as Needs (PAN)?

The Personalities as Needs (PAN) is a LifeMAPP assessment used to evaluate the Adapted Hierarchy of Needs and also helps us bridge the Identity Gap.

According to the Personality Matrix, there are four different scales or dimensions to a personality:

Introvert vs. Extrovert  shortened to 'I' & 'E'

Sensor vs. Intuitive  shortened to ‘S’ & ‘N’

Thinker vs. Feeler  shortened to ‘T’ & ‘F’

Judge vs. Perceiver  shortened to ‘J’ & ‘P’

Out of these combinations, sixteen different personality types are created. They are all equally significant, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, energy levels, view of the world, drives, values, and motivation.

Learn more about them in order to strengthen your personal and or business relationships.

What does the Balance of Life (BOL) mean?

The Balance of Life (BOL) is a LifeMAPP assessment that reviews the areas of life you operate in the most, as well as your focus (or need for focus) within the Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON) levels. It is the model that we use to help people identify their current level of Balance within the 8 key areas of life and use it to work towards increasing and sustaining Balance.

It plays the role of moving us from the theory of the hierarchy, to making use of the concept in our lives by having us evaluate our Balance, work towards making ourselves whole, and finally sustaining that Balance (where we would then be in a position to help others towards their own Balance). Measure your Balance in life today!

What is the CEO?

It is a method of teaching and practice of communication in LifeMAPP.

CEO is a desirable title of power and control that many associate as the leader of a company (Chief Executive Officer) which makes it memorable to Westerners. However, at LifeMAPP it’s instead an acronym for Connect, Engage, and Offer - which is really the empowering and teaching of others towards better communication. Therefore, learning and using it adds great value to the quality of relationships one will have in both their personal and business lives.

What does the Sustainability Of Business (SOB) entail?

Sustainability Of Business (SOB) is a business model and implementation based on the Adapted Hierarchy of Needs (AHON) and similar to the Balance of Life (BOL). The model helps business owners to envision, plan, create, and maintain a sustainable business. It consists of:

  • Survival Market Need Product/Service Fulfillment
  • Security  Resources & Safety Net Team Building & Leadership
  • Support  Marketing & Branding Sales & Customer Service
  • Significance  Profitability Community Support

Which option is right for you? Take a tour and start your change!

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