Explorers enjoy our life-changing resources at their leisure with access to personalized articles, videos, step-by-step guides and groups. The goal of an Explorer is to start seeing the world in a new way before making too many changes, to “unlearn” counter-productive behaviors and way’s of thinking. Explorers rely on like-minded, peer Connections and interactions. It starts here.

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You Were Lost at First: An Unexamined Life is a Life of Confusion

Ordinary isn’t for you, but what will it take for you to live an extraordinary life so that, on your deathbed, when asked what it was like to live here on Earth, you can answer, "Extraordinary!"

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Baby Name Charades

Did you know there are consultants you can pay to help you pick your baby’s name? Naming our children is a great panic all parents face to one degree or another.


Step-by-Step Learning

Take Your Assessments

Understand your Needs

We are the sum total of our experiences. Our Needs are based on our environment. Many times our needs can feel impossible to understand or figure out. When your environment changes, so do your Needs.

Learn the Basics

The Adapted Hierarchy of Needs

For many people, life feels like they are entangled in a cobweb of needs.  They get confused on where to focus and start chasing noise.  Understanding motivation and needs are key to achieving your goals in life.

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