About LifeMAPP™

Success isn’t about hoping for a miracle. Instead, it’s about creating your own magic. Victory is about awakening the hero in you. LifeMAPP Mentoring captures that magic, those victories. So take a deep breath—we’ve helped thousands and will do the same for you.

The goal with LifeMAPP is to get people to their goals and to Significance in the shortest time possible to maximize their impact rather than moving through life with trial and error. ~ Dave Darby

What LifeMAPP is teaching isn’t a secret. It isn’t dependent on luck or complicated theories. It isn’t even faith. And it certainly isn’t limited to developed or undeveloped countries. It is global and it is out to provide growth for anyone who is willing to do so! It is not meant to replace or undermine any helping profession, rather strengthen them, fill gaps if any, and help people connect and touch more lives with a faster, more lasting route than they might have.

About LifeMAPP—Our Values & Mission

Ready to find the inner hero in you?

LifeMAPP is a global online mentoring network for individuals and families actively building their ideal lives.

People who join LifeMAPP are passionate, compassionate, driven and are seeking to block out the noise of the world and follow their own path guided by the wisdom of mentors.

Memberships include packages that have limited or full access to our LifeMAPP™ Assessments, Content, and Mentoring Groups. We also have semi-private and fully private memberships depending on our members’ needs.

Areas of focus include personal growth, relationships, marriage, parenting, career performance, business sales, marketing and negotiating.

Why do we do what we do? Our “why” is “to lead people from survival to significance by reducing their noise and increasing their awareness.

We help people learn why they struggle and HOW to stop the constant struggles.

People’s full potentials are often blocked by Noise and have made “common sense” uncommon. It’s that simple and powerful, yet, SO out of reach of most people – rich and poor, educated and ignorant.

So, we built a social mentoring network to engage our members, teaching them our methodologies to be sure, but most importantly guiding them through Survival to Security and Support and showing them paths to Significance.

In fact, the very act of joining LifeMAPP’s paid mentoring program increases our members’ Significance immediately as 10% of our profits are dedicated to sponsored causes around the globe in the form of scholarships to our online mentoring and educational programs as well as local mentoring through workshops reaching into communities on all continents by trained LifeMAPP mentors.

People who join LifeMAPP are passionate, compassionate, and driven to block out the noise of the world. They follow their own path guided by the wisdom of their mentors.

LifeMAPP began with roots in 2000-2002 when our founder, Dave Darby, was consulting with Fortune 500 businesses, small businesses and even working with local prominent attorneys and business executives.

He also worked and consulted helping others to incubate technology start-ups during the dot-com boom and bust. No matter the environment, no matter the situation, a common scenario kept repeating. Dave would end up mentoring his partners, associates, employees and customers alike in both their business pursuits and personal lives.

He was a magnet to people who sought self-improvement and success. He became a master at recognizing patterns and motivating change around a common good.

So, how does one rise up from poverty, abuse, and an unstable home with divorced parents to become a great success in business and, most importantly, in family building? That is our journey together. We will mentor you on rising above the odds and the noise surrounding you, to achieve the happiness and freedom you have been wanting to experience.

The LifeMAPP mentoring process begins with an understanding of the basic human needs utilizing a Hierarchy of Needs model, which was first proposed by American psychologist Abraham Maslow.

The essence of Abraham Maslow’s early Hierarchy of Needs began with Survival and culminated in self-esteem and self-actualization. So it started and ended with a focus on self.

The LifeMAPP™ Adapted Hierarchy of Needs model, however, evolved to include the basic human need to leave a mark on the world – big or small. The Adapted Hierarchy begins with Survival but to culminates with Significance – the ultimate Significance being a living Legacy of leading others to Significance.

By measuring individual Needs through an assessment called the Balance of Life, we can begin to see a lifetime of both patterns and Personalities emerge. We have defined 8 consistent areas of needs that exist across socioeconomic classes, cultures and time. There are distinctions to be made in these 8 areas that help individuals resolve what we call Identity Gaps, which are fundamental gaps in how an individual view themselves versus how others in their Support network view them.

There are many times in our lives when these gaps widen, causing great stress and shifts in our abilities to cope, adapt and grow. These gaps, in turn, throw out our Balance and shift our Needs.

Our Personalities, while seemingly static, actually diverge around our Needs and, therefore, shift as well – for some people the shift happens late in life as the reality of death sets in. For others, it happens early and leads to a diverse understanding and set of experiences.

Based on the theories of Carl Jung and Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, we have studied the development of Personalities through the lenses of psychological function and orientation as well as Interaction Styles and ViewPoints. As a LifeMAPP member, you will have access to our Personality Assessment and all the other LifeMAPP profiles and methodologies that have helped so many people already.

So, our goal is to shorten the time spent searching for answers and to shorten the distance between who we are and who we want to be. Websites offering quick fixes and psychological tools are never enough – success requires mentoring and guidance.

Our logo represents both the dichotomy and the path between Survival and Significance. The very essence of “life” is Survival and our Survival is enabled by the sun which controls and facilitates the organisms and interactions of life on Earth.

The arrow represents a path, a target or a goal towards growth and Significance and the ensuing “MAPP” that guides our lives to our chosen destinations and journeys. The blue is representative of the heights of the sky and the top of the Adapted Hierarchy of Needs pyramid – Significance.

Why Join LifeMAPP

So here is how LifeMAPP™ Mentoring works and how you will benefit from being a member. Our mentors have been trained with over 20 years of experience and successes in helping marriages, parents, teams, and individuals.

Many of our members came to us on the brink of divorce, depression, financial struggles, and chaos in the home. They find compassion and support like they’ve never experienced before.  Mentors clear away the noise so members can see their way with clarity.

Our members love LifeMAPP™ Assessments, which are instant eye-openers that help them see where their personal struggles come from and why. Using our unique LifeMAPP™ Assessments, Models and mentoring, we have successfully helped our members to, not only survive, but to THRIVE.  We will do the same for you.

LifeMAPP Mentors are not exempt from our methodologies. They have worked to build themselves and their families through LifeMAPP models—and still, continue to do so. None of our mentors have been divorced and each one leads a Balanced and happy life. By joining, you will be in the care of passionate, yet driven, mentors who’ve been where you are today and successfully resolved their personal struggles and conflicts.

LifeMAPP has an A+ rating (12 years serving) with Better Business Bureau and over 95% success rate. We’ve also made our memberships and packages affordable so if you can eat out once a week, you can afford a MONTH of LifeMAPP. The point is, if are you committed to getting help, we have the tools and will give you with unlimited Support to rebuild areas in your life that are weak or broken.