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About LifeMAPP - Our Values & Mission


LifeMAPP is a global online mentoring network for leaders and high-octane individuals, teams and parents who are actively building their ideal lives, careers, and families. People who join LifeMAPP are passionate and compassionate, driven yet empathic, and are seeking to block out the noise of the world and follow their own path guided by the wisdom of worthy leaders/mentors.

Services include free membership with group support, paid membership with certified mentor support as well as a la carte services such as online classes and individual private mentoring. Areas of focus include personal growth, relationships, marriage, parenting, career performance, business sales, marketing and negotiating.


LifeMAPP began with roots in 2000-2002 when our founder, Dave Darby was consulting with Fortune 500 businesses, local small businesses and even working with local prominent attorneys and business executives to incubate technology start-ups during the dot-com boom and bust.  No matter the environment, no matter the situation, a common scenario kept repeating – Dave would end up mentoring his partners, associates, employees and customers alike in both their business pursuits and personal lives.  He was a magnet to people who sought self-improvement and success and became a master at recognizing patterns and motivating change around a common good.

Dave has helped thousands of people leading them to understand their needs, strengths, weaknesses, balance, personalities, identity gaps, and motivations.  And his impact has reached into businesses, individuals and families alike seeking Significance and something bigger than their own selfish needs and limitations.

In October 2003, LifeMAPP was officially named, birthing a decade of study, research, practice and implementation culminating in the launch of a mentoring network dedicated to global human recognition and growth.


Why we do what we do? Our “why” is “to lead people from survival to significance by reducing their noise and increasing their awareness”. It’s that simple and yet SO powerful and out of reach of most people, rich and poor, educated and ignorant. It’s blocked by noise and has made “common sense” uncommon.

That’s why we focus on mentoring and relationships at LifeMAPP.  We built a social mentoring network to engage our members, teaching them our methodologies to be sure, but most importantly guiding them through Survival to Security and Support and showing them paths to Significance.

In fact, the very act of joining LifeMAPP’s paid mentoring program increases our members’ Significance immediately as 10% of our profits are dedicated to sponsored causes around the globe in the form of scholarships to our online mentoring and educational programs as well as local mentoring through workshops reaching into communities on all continents by trained LifeMAPP mentors.

If you haven’t already, JOIN US today and further your Significance and living Legacy!

The LifeMAPP process begins with an understanding of the basic human needs utilizing a Hierarchy of Needs model first proposed by American psychologist Abraham Maslow.  The essence of Maslow’s early Hierarchy of Needs began with Survival and culminated in self-esteem and self-actualization.  The LifeMAPP Adapted Hierarchy of Needs model, however, evolved to include a basic human need to leave a mark on their world, big or small to begin with Survival but to culminate in Significance – the ultimate Significance being a living Legacy, leading others to Significance.

By measuring those individual Needs through a tool called the Balance of Life, we can begin to see a lifetime of both patterns and Personalities emerge.  We have defined 8 consistent areas of needs that exist across socioeconomic classes, cultures and time.  There are distinctions to be made in these 8 areas that help individuals resolve what we call Identity Gaps, which are fundamental gaps in how an individual view their self versus how others in the Support network views them.  There are many times in our lives when these gaps widen causing great stress and shifts in our abilities to cope, adapt and grow.  These gaps in turn throw out our Balance and shift our Needs.

Our Personalities, while seemingly static, actually diverge around our Needs and, therefore, shift as well – for some people the shift happens late in life as the reality of death sets in.  For others, it happens early and leads to a diverse understanding and set of experiences.  Based on the theories of Carl Jung and Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, we have studied the development of Personalities through the lenses of psychological function and orientation as well as Interaction Styles and ViewPoints. As a LifeMAPP member, you will have access to our Personality Profiles and all the other LifeMAPP profiles and methodologies that have helped so many people already.

Some do well with these shifts and adapt, most, however, get tossed like a fishing boat at sea.  And even those that thrive and make it past the storms find that too much time has passed being “lost at sea”.

reg-featuredSo our goal is to shorten the time at sea, to shorten the distance between who we are and who we want to be.  Websites offering quick fixes, psychological assessments and tools are never enough – without mentoring and guidance, they are pretty worthless outside of those rare individuals who are self-driven, self-taught and persistent enough to ride out the storms at the expense and exchange of years of their life.

With the LifeMAPP Challenger membership level you will gain access (at no additional charge) to online Groups where you can ask certified mentors (including Dave himself) questions that relate to your life, needs, relationships, and your business, guaranteeing you healthier, more productive and more satisfying experiences. So don’t delay, get started NOW!


Our logo represents both the dichotomy and the path between Survival and Significance.  The very essence of “life” is Survival and our Survival is enabled by the sun which controls and facilitates the organisms and interactions of life on Earth.

The arrow represents a path, a target or a goal towards growth and Significance and the ensuing “MAPP” that guides our lives to our chosen destinations and journeys.  The blue is representative of the heights of the sky and the top of the Adapted Hierarchy of Needs pyramid.