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We are a global mentoring organization—one that has helped mentor thousands across the world from lives of Survival to Significance. Are you ready to be the next?  We’ll teach you hidden secrets about personalities, motivations, and needs to help you achieve the balance needed to get control over your life, your goals, and your environment. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to create a lasting impact on those around you—what we call a Living Legacy.

Like the guiding Sherpas of the Himalayas, LifeMAPP will take you to new heights and help you avoid the obstacles and noise that will drag you back down the mountain. One of the many skills you’ll learn along the way is how to recognize why people do what they do—a crucial skill when it comes to navigating the complexities of the personalities and needs of others. Below you can find models, assessments, and lessons to help you get started on your journey.

Time for No Regrets

You’ve probably tried anything and everything the “world” has advised you to do but nothing has changed. Are you tired? Have you had enough? We hear you! Life is challenging, but stress is optional. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, or your situation. These 30-days are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

We promise these lessons will change your life.

“These wonderful people are truly angels from the sky. I recommend everyone to join the family. You will be loved and supported unconditionally.”

~ Brian

“There’s no competition out there that could measure up to the length or miles LifeMAPP goes to help people. LifeMAPP is a blessing!”

~ Stephanie

“Your service has been a huge help for me. I’m truly grateful. You guys are great and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again.”

~ Mark

Getting Started

what suits your needs?

The pages above will help you start your journey with LifeMAPP.  By using the fundamental and groundbreaking models of LifeMAPP, you’ll start to understand and become aware of the things that make you tick, like:  “Where does my motivation come from?”, or “Why do I feel so drained around groups of people?”.

When you better understand yourself, you’ll be able to recognize the tendencies and behavior of those around you – helping you to communicate and connect with them in a way you might not have thought possible.


Our Group Mentoring semi-private model is designed to get results while saving you money—learn from others' experiences and growth as well as your own. We also have fully private groups for you alone, or you and your spouse alone. Just click the join buttons below to see the options and pricing. Fully private groups are still more affordable and more successful than traditional counseling.

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Featured Articles

Check out some of our lessons!

LifeMAPP Lessons have helped many people in their journeys.  Whether you’re looking for help in Parenting, Relationships, or Life in general, there’s an article with a lesson for you.  If you’re not looking for a specific lesson we have an ever expanding collection of articles to browse through, ready to solve any Need.

Our Models

Understand your Needs

We are the sum total of our experiences.  Needs, which can feel impossible to understand or just out of our reach, are based on our environment.  If your environment changes, so do your Needs.  Use these assessments to understand and reveal your Personality and Identity, your level of Balance in life, and so much more!

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