LifeMAPP Points

Redeem Points for Using LifeMAPP

Interacting on our site is not only about broadening your awareness and developing yourself as a person, it is also about having FUN and opening up NEW Opportunities! While you engage in discussions and challenges across the site, you automatically gain points. The more you earn points in your membership level, the more recognition you have from us. Some Opportunities we have, like becoming a mentor, will also partly depend on your points.

As you keep growing we will have additional bonuses and points will be used to redeem some of our products and/or services. Stay tuned, keep active and don’t be left behind by other active members.

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LifeMAPP Leaders – Top 12

Gaining points on LifeMAPP comes with privilege and access. And all it requires is being an active learner. Join the best and gain extra benefits!

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How to Earn Points

An active user is going to easily earn 200 points each week.  New users start with bonus Opportunities via needs profiles to quickly launch with nearly 1000 points.  You can see, within 3-6 months, you could be opening up new Opportunities in and around LifeMAPP with nearly 5000 points earned.

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