How to Get What You Want

Reflect about the last 3 people that you helped. Who were they and which methods did you use? What were the results that you saw (a) immediately and (b) over a time frame. What did the feedback you received communicate about your energy spent in helping others?

Think about the impact you are creating to those around you. Are you able to positively influence them and have those changes be sustained? Which areas have been blocking you from influencing others? Watch a video that will reveal some powerful factors that can be used to impact others.

Learn how to positively influence other and create a lasting impact.



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by Nawaal Ishmael

Nawaal is a Director and Mentor at LifeMAPP. She loves self development journeys and now helps others move from a life of Survival to that of Significance. Nawaal can be found at: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+

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