A Mission Possible

Your life is precious and too short for trial and error — would you agree? Most people take a lot of time to separate valuable information from those that cause distractions or worse — confusion in their marriages. It’s just noise, and you too have probably had enough of it.

Make the Choice to Change Your Marriage — Forever! 

It took Dave Darby, Founder, and Master Mentor at LifeMAPP 20+ years to build models that have been proven to change lives almost immediately. His family of 7, have been living their dream life AND helping others enjoy the same. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered — it won’t take you 20 years. Dave has simplified the models and build them in easy to follow structures — most importantly, guaranteed to experience RESULTS.

Previously your option was:

  • Traditional, in-face “therapy”, $150 for 45 minutes, barely enough time to get to know you or your problems. Plus scheduling, driving and waiting.

but NOW you have:

  • LifeMAPP™ Mentoring, $40 per week includes online mentoring, texting, articles and other resources, PLUS $149 of assessments for FREE! (Only $23 if your spouse wants to join)

You will be able to impact your marriage, in a way you haven’t experienced before! All it takes is for you to sign up. Watch your marriage take an exciting turn in just a week — a mission impossible!

The following weeks – we help you restore and rebuild. Most clients need between 2-5 months for maximum results.

Unlock the Secrets to Living a Happy Marriage

$40/Week for You

  • Measure your needs with 5 FREE LifeMAPP™ profiles
    ($149 value for free!)
  • Live chat with a mentor
  • Unlimited marriage articles
  • Online marriage mentoring
Get Started Today!

$23/Week for Your Spouse (Save Over 42%)

  • Measure their needs with 5 FREE LifeMAPP™ profiles
    ($149 value for free!)
  • Live chat with a mentor
  • Unlimited marriage articles
  • Online marriage mentoring
Your Spouse Gets a Discount!

Common Questions

That’s a great question, one we get often but that fact is, over 80% of the marriages we’ve helped in 20 years have been through just one spouse. The reason is simple, it takes two people to make a marriage fail or succeed. But it only takes one person to learn and lead. We teach you to understand and communicate your needs better and then you can teach your spouse the same. Your spouse can even join (for only $23/week extra) to take his/her own profiles and do his/her own homework. But often times, it just takes one person to make the initiative. Your spouse will notice that you see/hear their needs and they will open up to you.

Yes of course. Your profile results and chat results will not be lost and you can pick up after some time has passed. Clients who want results however, do best to stick with it and learn/apply the LifeMAPP™ models. The more going on in your life, frankly, the MORE you need to start learning/applying these models. If you’re too busy to improve your life, then that is part of your problem in your marriage.

We’re not really aggressive with sales and that to us, crosses some boundaries. If your spouse wants to learn/apply the models along with you, they can of course, follow along with your chats or join to create their own space for chats/learning as well. We offer discounts for spouses. But we’re just not going to pursue them, or you in an aggressive way. If you want to rebuild your relationship, we can work with you to create the change you are looking for.  Your spouse will likely want to be a part of the change, but it isn’t necessary to get started.