Resolving Relationship Clashes

Avi is the younger son of his parents. His father was living away from his family during his childhood so it was mostly his mother parenting him. His passion was to be a sportsman. He was never interested in school activities and dropped out from school though his elder brother was doing great at school.  

Avi's parents expectation to him was to achieve great results in school and higher degrees for their family's financial growth. His father was not interested in sports. Avi's father just wanted him to secure a good job.

How can we minimize such gaps in between two generations? How do we end up with a win-win for both parents & kids?

Learn how to resolve the relationship clashes using LifeMAPP models.


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by N. Dey

"In our life every step is a lesson, every moment is an innovation and every experience is an introduction."

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