Charlie’s Tug of War

Charlie and Adrian had been married for 15 years. They have two young kids who currently stay with Adriane because they recently split up.

One day, Charlie was walking in the park and met a friendly woman, Sue. They dated and hit it off - and got married. Sue was accepting of Charlie’s kids and did her best to support them.

She observed Charlie’s patterns for excuses to stay longer at Adrian’s. What was happening? Hadn’t Charlie committed to staying with her? Charlie, on the other hand, tried to explain that he only wanted to spend some quality time with his ex-wife and kids as a family. Charlie started getting confused on which woman he wanted - his old or new wife.

Learn how to resolve the tug of wars that happen in relationships.


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by Nawaal Ishmael

Nawaal is a Director and Mentor at LifeMAPP. She loves self development journeys and now helps others move from a life of Survival to that of Significance. Nawaal can be found at: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+

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