Chan’s Family Confusion

Jiang Chan & Nunu Chan were living happily after their marriage. After a few years as a new couple enjoying their honeymoon & vacations they have given birth to their first daughter Mei.

As working parents and having no prior experiences on parenting, they were juggling & struggling with parenting and all other family needs. However, the Chan family were adapting and moving well with their career & resource needs. Mei started going to school and after seeing others having siblings, she started feeling lonely and was asking her parents to have another baby that she could play with.

Mei's request made Jiang & Nunu wonder whether they were losing valuable time - and should consider having a baby before they aged. They started exploring possibilities and found themselves confused and caught up with other needs. They were not sure whether they could Support another child financially and sought advice from their doctor - who drained them more.

Learn how you can support Chan's family to make an informed decision.


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by N. Dey

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