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Health is the foundation of your Balance

Your Health Care Professionals Can Let You Down. Don't Trust Blindly

Help your doctor and health care takers to tap into and address the core roots of your health needs.

What's Your Weight Worth?

Re-think your stand on the genes vs environment argument. Take control of your overall health.

Is Your Roll-On Killing You?

Few people take a look at ingredient before purchases. Find out what is in the roll-on that you use.

Soap and Water Still Works

Re-think about the negative effects that chemicals have around you. Keep your home clean and healthy.

MDs – It’s Good to Be the King!

Are you taking an active role in taking control of your health needs? Help your doctor to help YOU.

The Courage for Common Health Sense

Be more responsible for your health and life. Get more active and help your doctor to help YOU!

Trust Us, We’ve Done Trials!

Have you ever felt lousy yet keep taking meds that only bring temporary relief? Find out who's to blame.

A Hospital? I'm not Sick, Just Pregnant

Ever wondered how a home birth would turn out in our modern world? Learn from a true story.

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Strengthen your Balance to enjoy the spoils of life

Lost and Found: The Missing Piece of My Life!

What's living with an Identity Gap feel like? How do you calm that uneasy feeling that things should be different?

Fear Not!

Don’t get stuck thinking your fears are forever. Learn to let them go to rise above mountain tops.

What's Holding You Back?

Discover the chains that have been holding you on a leash. Free yourself and enjoy the life you know you deserve.

Choose Your Path!

Learn how to take the uphill (making tough choices) & watch the rewards that start flowing your way.

Stop the Self-Sabotage

You don't have to constantly live life like a rollercoaster. Discover where your noise comes from and block them.


Do you often find yourself confused and frustrated with your end-of-day results? Learn to prioritize.

How Do You Re-energize?

Do people's personalities drive you nuts? Instead of changing them, why not increase your awareness?

Where Were You?

Reflect on your past. Where were you & where are you heading? Is your path clear or clouded with noise?

The Taboos of Failure

Learn how to use failure as your turning point to create great things to come.

Fleeting Happiness?

Many people chase the goal to be happy. What really is happiness and how do we achieve it?

Tornado of Priorities

Do you find yourself chasing urgent tasks more often than not? Learn how to create more time.

What's Dragging You Down?

Do you often find yourself working tirelessly, yet you see little to no results? Find out why.

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Challenge Yourself to Growth

Do You Make Quick Decisions Well? Test Your Skills With This Quirky Quiz

Do you realize just how much the little things you do, compounds over time? Take this mind-blowing quiz.

Sometimes the Path to Take in Life Feels Confusing. Use This Personal GPS to Navigate

Does your personal GPS guide you in the right direction or in exhausting and confused paths?

If Your Life Were Pictures, How Would They Look?

If all your memories and experiences could be captured in a snap or picture, how would they look like?

The Constant Struggles Are Exhausting. Stop Tripping Yourself Up & Discover How You Can Get More in Life

How many times does life have to knock us down before we realize it is time to change?

Your Fears Sabotage Your Experiences. Break Free from the Fears that Haunt You

Are you held back by fears? Break free from the fears that haunt you. Amazing experiences await you.

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Resources add a value for Security in our Balance

Relying Mostly on Debt? Success on the Back of Debt Isn't Sustainable

Do you build your success on the foundation of debt? Growth that relies on debt isn't sustainable.

Learn the 3 Factors that Creates Win-Win Negotiations

Negotiate in style & make it FUN. Impact and touch lives as you work towards your own needs.

The Delusion of Free Economies

Join us on an article that unmasks what the real issues of our economy are.

Enjoying a Stronger Economy, Starts with You & Me

Which type of decisions do you for your finances? Find out the consequences of your choices.

If You Want to Minimize Your Losses, Be Smarter About Your Resources

Have you ever bought a bottle of water,  soda or beer and only drank part of it? Why expect that from others?

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Build a strong Support to enjoy and achieve faster

Left Sidebar

Sweet Loraine

Join the journey of a 96-year old widower on his touching tribute to his wife & partner of 75 years.

Who’s Your Friend?

Choose your friends wisely for they affect the growth that you experience in life.

A Wild Summer Adventure

We love to travel. Setting sail on a family adventure for 40 days and 8000 miles would not be without trials - especially in 7 weeks from idea to launch.

How Not to Lose Those You Love

Have you ever had someone you love, push you away? Find out why they do and save your relationship!

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Evaluate Your Circle

Love Is Not Fairytales & Unicorns, It's a Decision to Work Through Life Together

What is love really? Do we actually get to choose who to love and how to love them?

Pushing Goals Alone Isn't Sustainable. Involve Your Family to Reach Success

Learn how our Founder guides his family in sometimes unorthodox ways. Then, find your own carrots (goals) in life.

Begging the Kids to Clean Up Gets Tiring. Get Creative & Use Strategies that Grasp Their Attention

Ever had those moments when you struggle to have your kids clean up? Learn how to resolve that.

Want Confident Kids? Put Them in Competitive Situations Where They Can Succeed

Is competition something to shield your child from or an Opportunity to run towards? Learn why it's healthy.

Use Your Everyday, Normal Routines to Teach, Challenge & Bond with Your Children

Maximize on normal, everyday experiences by using them as Opportunities to teach your kids.

Families Should Goof Around. Learn How to Relax and Bond

Dancing. What does this mean for you and what value does it bring in your family?

Having a Partner Who Validates You, Increases Your Joy in Marriage - and Life

Learn why relationships that start with sparks of excitement, struggle down the road and how to resolve it.

Building a Legacy for the Kids Isn't Complex. These Two Steps Are an Excellent Start

Master the art of creating simple, positive, specific, and sustainable goals for your family.

Kids Learn Faster Than You Think! Here's the Psychology of Learning (and Teaching)

How is it that some kids learn so quickly and others don't? Learn the art of connecting and teaching.

Are Your Kids Smart Enough? Here's the Secret to Nurturing Their Intelligence

Learn the simple secret to nurturing intelligent kids.

Wondering How to Build a Legacy? It Depends on Your Set of Values, Actions, & Plan for Teamwork

What does your family mirror to the world? Create a fun and colourful family legacy.

Learn to Stop Living with Pain and Stop Creating Gaps That You Cannot Bridge

What is it about a song, a scent or a word that can throw us back in time?

It's Never About the Toothpaste. Get to the Root Cause & Lessen the Conflicts

Why let anger bottle up in relationships when you can resolve them with a smile?

Hurtful Memories Can Turn Positive. How You Can Take Control

Reflect on the family values and traditions that you have carried to your life and now passing on to your kids.

Is Your Child Struggling to Fall Asleep? Find Out What Affects Every Child's Peace of Mind

Have you ever thought about how the energy in your relationships trickles down and affects your kids?

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You will enjoy what you want in life, after helping enough other people get what they want

Some of Our Toughest Choices Are the Ones that Lead Us to Our Happiness. Learn from a True Story

Join Cass who makes no excuses - not even Survival as she fights her way up to her dream life.

Giving Back in Small Doses Add Up

Watch a video that teaches how small acts of Significance come together and add up for a big impact.

Walkin' to New Orleans

When disasters strike, do Support plus Resources received, get maximized & go in the right hands?

Opportunity for the Homeless?

Imagine you had an Opportunity to Connect with a homeless person. What would you say and do?

Opportunity for the Homeless? (continued)

How are you impacting the homeless? Join our journey in creating a lasting impact for them.

Socks for the Homeless

Homelessness around the globe is growing. It is time to seek a new answer to an old question.

Dreaming with My Eyes Wide Open

Given a chance, would the homeless thrive beyond what we ever thought they could?