Getting Started for Business

Business Mentoring

Learn the unique LifeMAPP Sustainability of Business model (SOB) that shows you the keys to business success. You will learn how to understand both your needs and your customer/target audience needs in ways you never before considered. Those lessons will help you to launch smarter and stronger and to not waste precious resources/finances making mistakes.

LifeMAPP business mentoring programs are led by our Founder and Master Mentor, Dave Darby who has consulted with Fortune 100 businesses in the U.S. to existing small and startup businesses around the globe.

With quarterly and annual memberships, you will not only save money but gain access (at no additional charge) to online Groups where you can ask certified mentors (including Dave himself) questions that relate to your business and your needs guaranteeing you a healthier, more productive and more satisfying business experience. So don’t delay, get started NOW!

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  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • Just sign up to get started

Business Mentoring Pricing

Find a business plan that suits your needs from idea incubation to startup to aggressive business growth.

  • Monthly
  • $299
  • Regularly $379

    Save 20% Pay as You Go

  • 30 days limited access of self-paced study & research
  • Business Archives (Groups/Lessons/Videos)
  • Peer Connections/Networking
  • Ideal for Idea Incubation (testing your startup/planning)
  • Join Now
  • Annual
  • $2394.63
  • Monthly $3588 (20% off)

    Save 47% PLUS access to certified group mentors.

  • 12 months FULL access
  • Certified Group Mentoring
  • Business Archives (Groups/Lessons/Videos)
  • Peer Connections/Networking
  • Ask a Mentor Certified Group Mentoring
  • Ideal for Established Businesses Seeking Aggressive Growth
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What You Will Learn

Business Member Benefits


LifeMAPP Social Networking

You want a better life and you’re not alone! Meet other LifeMAPP members  from around the world, connect and learn about issues that slow you down or distract you, and start taking positive steps to overcome these issues. The best way to live Significance is to surround yourself with others who live it.  Join today, meet other members and experience what it means to step toward Significance in your life!


Business Articles/Videos

We have now added a new business, which focuses on businesses. This is a paid group, and the place to be if you want to learn about and boost your business. Like the Explorer and Challenger members, Business members also get personalized articles and videos which are focused on meeting business related needs. Our Business members have an additional bonus, they can access articles/videos of other membership levels (Explorer and Challengers), unlike the other members who have limited access to this.


Business Mentor Led Groups

This is a paid group which is managed by our Master Mentor and Founder Dave Darby. It is the place for you if you have been struggling to make your business flourish. This group targets business owners who are searching for a place to seek Support for the growth of their businesses.Members of this group can ask questions, connect with other business owners and also simply learn by the discussions started by others. A Business member can access all other mentor-led groups and benefit on their personal lives too.


LifeMAPP Classes

You love our articles, groups and videos and you feel like one more thing would make it a cherry on the cake. You wish you could join a live class where you and your peers can together discuss a topic with the presence of a Certified Mentor. If this is your need, then you are sure to get a kick out of our LifeMAPP classes (virtual and in the community around you). See you there!


Scholarships Available

You have joined our free group, read our articles and worked on your growth. You feel that there is much more that you can benefit from and are thirsty for more. You wish you could join our paid classes and groups yet you are currently unable to financially meet the cost. We can quench your thirst with our Scholarships program. Contact us to find out how you can benefit from this.


Our Ambassadors and Partners

LifeMAPP’s family also includes volunteer ambassadors who are interested in the journey and growth that we offer. They get to connect and interact with other team members around the globe and play a role in moving people to Significance. Partnerships are also available to those who feel they can take it a notch higher and join hands with us to expand our global services in their local communities.