Getting Started ~ LifeMAPP Mentoring

Are you ready to live in SIGNIFICANCE? Ready to help others find the Balance you have? The journey of helping others finds their ideal life is an amazing one. Mentors have amazing Opportunities at LifeMAPP to find Significance.  We look for those members  in our community who a) already have sustainable Balance in their lives, and b) want to positively impact others to find sustainable Balance. Is this you? Then, read on!

Maestro (/ˈmaɪstroʊ/; Italian: [maˈestro]) from the Italian maestro, meaning “master” or “teacher”; is an honorific title of respect.

Our mentors belong to an elite group, known as Maestros. A Maestro is a LifeMAPP member, who started off as either an Explorer or Challenger member. They then join our Ambassador Program and continue to grow and positively impact others. While in the Ambassador program, they are actively interacting and adding value online and in the programs we have around the globe. These interactions and activities earn Ambassadors points to achieve the next level – Maestros

Maestros are former ambassadors who master our models and LifeMAPP Lifestyle. They enjoy a Balanced life and have great fruits to show for it. They join our team as paid mentors and continue to fine-tune their mentoring skills PLUS get involved in all other amazing Opportunities and activities within LifeMAPP.

As a Maestro, you will enjoy a great amount of unique lessons and pieces of training via our videos, articles and personalized Maestro pages.

To top it off, Maestros have the Opportunity to grow and work their way up to other positions that open up as LifeMAPP continues to grow. Get started today and be on your way to an amazing ride!

What You Will Gain

Our Growth Process

Being a LifeMAPP Ambassador opens doors that you didn’t know existed in your life. Not only do you get to impact others, but you will learn and grow from our mentors and see an immediate impact in your life too! Plus, our top volunteers will be invited to become paid mentors – who better to have on our team than those who LOVE what they do? Are you ready?

What have our ambassadors been up to?

Our ambassadors have been taking up roles that they feel helps them sharpen their personal growth. Some roles that they are involved in are:

  • Learning about our simple, effective and result oriented methodologies,
  • Creating awareness about our online and field activities,
  • Participating and being active on our social media,
  • Taking part in our online and field discussions,
  • Networking and connecting with our team around the globe,
  • Learning to mentor and working their way up as paid mentors,
  • Helping us find and connect with potential LifeMAPP partners,
  • Helping us expand our services/teachings in their local community,
  • Creating awareness of our teachings to the community.

What is the role of an Ambassador?

The roles of an ambassador may vary from one person to another. The key question here is not what role we will give you, but rather, what role YOU feel you would thrive in! What are your strengths? What’s your passion? How do you see you and your goals fitting in our mission? Share that with us so that we find the spot for you! And, yes, you can be part of our team from home…how convenient and FUN is that?

I learned a lot from joining LifeMAPP. It has benefited me quite a bit. I have noticed changes in me that are positive. I also feel like I have a valid voice in discussions and forums. I feel we can help support one another in a positive way.” ~ Hani M. (Nairobi, Kenya)

Image Gallery

Take a look how our Ambassadors engaged with various community activities:

Is this the exposure that you have been waiting for?

That process starts with you and by the time you are helping others, you will have personally grown so much more than you can imagine. Find out how you can join our amazing journey, contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Ambassador Levels

All our paid Opportunities, both becoming a mentor and other paid positions, begin with our members joining our ambassador team. To get started, be sure to first register and join as a LifeMAPP member.

Be sure to be active in our groups and articles/pages. You will need 500 points in order to be eligible to apply to become an ambassador. Although points make members eligible to apply for all positions, mentor and admin approvals are required for all graduations – which examine the quality and value added by members before they can graduate to become ambassadors. This means that even if a member is eligible, their graduation is dependent on the approval of the mentors and admins of LifeMAPP.

Below are the 3 levels we have for our ambassadors. Keep in mind that once you are recruited, you are getting FREE access to our paid memberships which add up to a value of US $500 a year. Use it wisely and productively. If you do not, your free paid membership will be cancelled, so that space is created for someone else who is thirsty for the Opportunity. You will then return to become an Explorer (free member, limited access to resources) unless, you choose to personally pay for the Challenger membership (unlimited access to personal life-changing resources).

All ambassador levels are subject to promotions and demotions and/or cancellation of ambassador privileges. Below are guidelines and expectations of each ambassador level. Your growth and speed are within your control. It can take an estimated 5-9 months to start enjoying a paid position with LifeMAPP. Let’s have some fun while you grow, get started!

Join as a Recruit Ambassador

Our Recruit Ambassadors are on level I. As a welcome and start of a great Opportunity, members here get a 3-month free membership and become Challengers, a paid mentoring membership on our site. Recruit Ambassadors, immediately get a status recognition across our site.

Active members here get gradually introduced to our models and LifeMAPP methods, from a mentoring perspective. Recruit Ambassadors then get active self-learning via our various service offerings, enjoying unlimited access to our resources. They learn, grow their own Balance in life and start impacting others using our models.

Depending on a members thirst for growth and development, they may be here for 90-180 days. This is a probationary level focused on ensuring that ambassadors are on their way to graduation towards level II. If they are not, their free paid Challenger membership will be cancelled so that someone else who is more thirsty for Opportunity gains instead. Once the free Challenger membership is cancelled, a Recruit Ambassador returns to being an Explorer (free LifeMAPP member) or can decide to upgrade their membership at their own expense so as to continue accessing our paid version of resources.

In order to graduate to the next level, a Recruit Ambassador needs to have 1500 points. Once they do, mentors and admins will evaluate whether the Recruit Ambassador: helped other members navigate around the site, recruited new people to our site, supported in keeping our social networks active and the points earned show quality contributions around the site. Quality implies the comments, questions and discussions participated in show growth, impact and learning/development for the Recruit Ambassador. If their request to graduate is approved they now become Apprentice Ambassadors.


Graduate to Apprentice Ambassador

Apprentice Ambassadors are on level II. These are former Recruit Ambassadors who have shown a passion for self and others’ growth. They have earned points and shown to impact others in our groups, using the lessons they gained. They have fruits to show for their growth and can be identified by a purple border around their images and their titles.

Because of being other focused, our Apprentice Ambassadors gain priority and get the focus of our mentors in learning and meeting their own needs. Apprentice Ambassadors will be on a fast track towards reaching the next level and can graduate within 30-90 days depending on their own focus and speed.

Once a member has achieved 2500 points, they are eligible to request graduation to the next level. Mentors and admins on the site will review whether this ambassador has understood our models and is applying them in their own life, helping others in the group grasp LifeMAPP’s basic principles and whether the points achieved show quality posts that create an impact and add value around the site.


Graduate to LifeMAPP™ Ambassador

Our LifeMAPP™ Ambassadors can get recognized with their titles that appear below their images. They are immediately enrolled for our LifeMAPP Mentoring Certification Program. Members who are active and both complete plus pass their program get to graduate immediately to become Recruit Mentors, our paid mentoring level I. This is a great start where our ambassadors now move towards a deeper understanding of our models, systems and get to strengthen their resources as well. A member is expected to move through this level in about 30-60 days. Members here will be expected to reach about 3500 points as they graduate to becoming Recruit Mentors.


Want to join us as a paid team member? Choose the Opportunity for you!

Being a mentoring organization, we value like-minded individuals who want to work their way to join our team and become one of our paid mentors. Starting as an ambassador is a great first step. Once you learn our methodologies and show a passion for mentoring, a position as a Recruit Mentor will be available to you. As you grow, you will be able to move higher in status and position as a mentor. Higher positions that will be up for grabs for you will be titles of an Apprentice, LifeMAPP, Certified and Certified LifeMAPP Master Mentor. As you go higher, the pay, working hours, leadership responsibilities and other Opportunities open up for you.

We believe in creating Opportunities and this starts with our own team! As an ambassador, you are free to explore how best you can help us reach and touch others. Depending on your performance and results, you not only have the Opportunity to join as a mentor, you ALSO have a chance to join other paid positions with us if those interest you more.

It was a great opportunity for me to engage with LifeMAPP as a volunteer Ambassador which showed me the pathway to bring balance in my life, manage my personality, identify my strengths and get empowered to reach the pinnacle of my life. After learning & practicing LifeMAPP’s methodologies and being an active ambassador, I achieved great support & security from the team and today I am proud to say that I have a paid position (as a mentor) while I continue towards the significance of my life.” ~ N. Dey

3 Steps to be a Mentor

These are the steps to get on your way towards joining our mentoring team.

Join LifeMAPP

Join LifeMAPP and work your way up to become an ambassador. Once you are active and earn 500 points on our site, you will be eligible to join as an ambassador.


Graduate to Ambassador

Once you are an Ambassador: learn, practice LifeMAPP methodologies, interact with our mentors and know how to guide/Support others to live a Balanced life. Only after you show the fruits of a Balanced life, show a passion for impacting others and earn 3500 points will you be able to graduate and join our Maestro team. Start self-learning our models and values using the resources available to you. Please visit the previous tab ‘Ambassador Levels’ for more information on becoming an ambassador and working your way up to become a Mentor.


Graduate to Maestro

Once you have mastered of all LifeMAPP methodologies, accept the great change in your life, living in Balance to impact, lead other people from Survival to Significance, earned your points and passed your course you are eligible to become a Maestro, part of our mentoring team. Check out the next tab to learn how to progress through the different mentor statuses and earn yourself an Opportunity to become a paid mentor with us.


One you become a Maestro, you have an amazing Opportunity to strengthen your mentoring skills and even work your way towards paid positions. Depending on the value added, all positions are subject to reviews by existing mentors and admins – which can lead to promotions or a demotion/cancellation of mentoring privileges. These are the levels of mentoring we follow within LifeMAPP:

Recruit Mentor:

Congratulations to being part of our official paid team. As a Recruit Mentor, you will start by adding value to our free members (Explorers) groups and activities. You will also be contributing in our Challenger groups. Use your Balance and lessons from our models to make an impact. You will also take part in our Saturday workshops whenever there is one in your local community. This is a probationary role and if you are not active, do not show fruits and Balance in your own life, your position will be cancelled and you will become an ambassador once again. This is to ensure that you only mentor with Balance and also ensure that you completely live and understand our models before you teach it to others.

Recruit Mentors can be recognized by their labels and dark grey border around their images.

Apprentice Mentor:

Once you are an Apprentice Mentor, you not only get paid but you will be no longer be on a probationary role. You will also participate in our Saturday workshops whenever there is one near you. You will get the Support and supervision of other mentors and once you create enough impact, you can then graduate to become a full LifeMAPP™ Mentor. As an Apprentice Mentor, you will be eligible to apply for a scholarship when we have our team retreat seminars.

Apprentice Mentors can be recognized by their labels and dark grey border around their images.

LifeMAPP™ Mentor:

As a full LifeMAPP™ Mentor, you will now officially be part of our mentoring team, with no probation phases to work under. You will gain full mentor status, pay and will now be free to mentor without the Support of other mentors. You can now even begin to nurture the new Recruit Mentors while you take the lead in our Saturday workshops near you.

LifeMAPP™ Mentors can be recognized by their labels and dark blue border around their images.

Certified Mentor:

As a certified mentor, you will move to a higher level in our team. You will now be able to add more value in our mentoring programs and even lead them. Other upcoming mentors will report to you if you show the passion for leadership, which opens up new Opportunities for you at LifeMAPP.

Certified Mentors can be recognized by their labels and light blue border around their images.

Master Mentor:

Being a Master Mentor means you have worked your way up to our highest Mentor status. You will gain a lot more Opportunities and exposure to other activities. You will now be nurturing others and overlooking our mentoring programs to ensure great service qualities to our members.

Master Mentors can be recognized by their labels and light blue border around their images.

Checkout Our Amazing Opportunity.

Are you ready to impact the community and takes this passion to a higher level?

Ambassadors need to earn 3500 points in order to apply to be a Maestro. It will usually take 5-9 months for an Ambassador to be able to apply for the Maestro group.

Become an AmbassadorBecome an Ambassador

Sorry, currently you do not have sufficient points to view or join the Ambassador Opportunity. Keep growing and being active on the site. You need a total of 500 points to be eligible.

Become a MaestroBecome a Maestro

Sorry, currently you do not have sufficient points to view or apply for the Opportunity to become a mentor. Keep growing and being active on the site. You need a total of 3500 points to be eligible.