What Is Your Time Worth?

Ten-year-old little Tommy couldn’t wait for Dad to get home from work tonight. He had been thinking all day about a question he wanted to ask. So when Dad finally walked in late after dinner, beat down and tired, Tommy ran in said, “Dad, how much do you make an hour at work?”

“Not enough! They don’t pay me nearly enough to take all the crap I take or to cover everyone’s butt the way I do. Why are you asking me such a question?! Don’t we have everything we could want around here?!!”

“It’s not that Dad, I just wanted to know how much you get paid,” Tommy said in a defeated tone. Why do you think Tommy was asking about his fathers pay? What was his real need which weren't recognized?

Learn about what Tommy really wanted while you also reflect about needs in your own relationships.

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by Dave Darby

husband, father of 5, entrepreneur, speaker and renaissance man. The founder of LifeMAPP, Dave is living a lifelong passion to lead others from lives of survival to lives of significance. You can find Dave at Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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