We ALL Need It

Think about how often you encourage others or are encouraged by them. How does encouraging others help their development? Wether a person is young or old, everyone gets a boost out of hearing words of encouragement.

Now think about those who are already great at the tasks that they do. The leaders around us. They achieve great results and some of them do so almost always - are they in need of encouragements too or does it result to their buckets of energy overflowing with conceitedness?

Have you ever told or been told that when you keep encouraging others, their heads will get big (they will become obnoxious)? How true is it?

Learn about the needs for validation.

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by Dave Darby

husband, father of 5, entrepreneur, speaker and renaissance man. The founder of LifeMAPP, Dave is living a lifelong passion to lead others from lives of survival to lives of significance. You can find Dave at Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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