Are Your Health Issues Self-Inflicted?

Quite often when I chitchat with those around me, someone or the other usually shares that they are struggling with their health. Sometimes it’s back and shoulder pains, other times migraines, allergies and even breathing problems. I’ve watched back pain bring a sudden halt to the lives of a few people around me. It’s painful to see them struggle with feeling powerless even to make simple body movements. Are some of these pains self-inflicted?

One of my aunts has spent over a year searching for what has caused her breathing issues. She lost quite a bit of weight and even started feeling she would soon lose her life. The thought of leaving behind her loved ones tormented her each day, until one day she found the cause. It was severe stress.

Learn how to break the cycle of self-inflicted pain.

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by Nawaal Ishmael

Nawaal is a Director and Mentor at LifeMAPP. She loves self development journeys and now helps others move from a life of Survival to that of Significance. Nawaal can be found at: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+

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