Get Out of Your Own Way

My husband and I were just from a ‘vacation’ yet; we looked more tired and drained than before our 3-week holiday. I couldn’t place my finger on exactly what was wrong but each time I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t recognize myself. Have you ever had those days?

A few days after our return, we got back to our normal schedules, which included resuming work. Because I worked from home and we had frequent video calls, it wasn’t too long before reality caught up with me. My mentor (our founder and head mentor at LifeMAPP), took one look at me and frankly commented how worn out and bad I looked. And I immediately responded, “I know, in fact, now I look good, I looked so much worse!”

Learn how to get out of your own way (especially when things are a mess!)

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by Nawaal Ishmael

Nawaal is a Director and Mentor at LifeMAPP. She loves self development journeys and now helps others move from a life of Survival to that of Significance. Nawaal can be found at: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+

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