Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

by Dave Darby. Posted on


Financial stress is a huge burden to a man charged with being head of the household. It is as well for a woman in the same position. Financial stress does not discriminate by gender or age. And of course, it trickles downward to rain on those nearby in the family as well.

Throw in a few other life stresses, and you have a real recipe for disaster. We all have them in our lives, and our marriages to varying degrees, especially early in lives and marriages. How have you been dealing with financial stress and other challenges of life?

Learn from a true story: how our founder Dave Darby and his family made it through the struggles.


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by Dave Darby

husband, father of 5, entrepreneur, speaker and renaissance man. The founder of LifeMAPP, Dave is living a lifelong passion to lead others from lives of survival to lives of significance. You can find Dave at Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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