The Pain & Triggers Behind Abuse

by Dave Darby. Posted on

Abuse is the "third rail" of relationship topics. Few want to touch it or discuss it and those that do, are angry, hurt, and want to be heard, understandably so. Having your voice squashed behind the threat of physical dominance is punishing, demeaning, and completely lacking in compassion, empathy, and understanding.

So I want to share, not what goes on with abuse, but what goes IN to abuse to create it. Is it the environment? Are people just born that way? Is it pain, anger, or just meanness?

This is going to be the first lesson in a series of two, possibly three. Abuse is a complicated topic and to teach on it, first I have to show you where I've been, what I've seen. So you will know, that I know.


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by Dave Darby

husband, father of 5, entrepreneur, speaker and renaissance man. The founder of LifeMAPP, Dave is living a lifelong passion to lead others from lives of survival to lives of significance. You can find Dave at Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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