Struggling with Baggage in Your Marriage? Follow These Easy Steps to Lighten the Load

by Nawaal Ishmael. Posted on

Anytime you pack for a trip, you realize how much of a difference traveling light makes on your journey. The lighter you travel, the faster you can move and the more flexible you can be. Your marriage, and life for that matter, are similar. If you carry a lot of baggage, it is sure to slow you down.

We all want to travel light, and feel free. None of us get into a new relationship looking forward to baggage, conflicts, or drama. We all want to find peace and real love. If you are in a relationship, then you can relate. There are times that you suddenly find yourselves in a conflict, unaware even how you got there in the first place.

Learn how to travel light again!


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by Nawaal Ishmael

Nawaal is a Director and Mentor at LifeMAPP. She loves self development journeys and now helps others move from a life of Survival to that of Significance. Nawaal can be found at: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+

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