Nothing Holding Us Back

Many entrepreneurs struggle to launch their businesses ideas to becoming successful startups and eventually sustainable companies.

Think about your business. What holds you back as an entrepreneur? How often do you jump from one business idea to another without fully maximizing on the Opportunities that exist? How strong is your focus on marketing and branding? Are you expecting sales when really, people are not aware your service exists?

Many businesses startup by mistake or by pure passion towards a certain need. Has yours been the same? How will you ensure that it not only Survives but thrives as well?

Learn how to make your startup a successful one.


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by Dave Darby

husband, father of 5, entrepreneur, speaker and renaissance man. The founder of LifeMAPP, Dave is living a lifelong passion to lead others from lives of survival to lives of significance. You can find Dave at Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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